Thursday, October 4, 2012

TableTop Future

Boyan Radakovich associate producer of TableTop on the Geek and Sundry website, talked about the effect the show is having on game sales, with stores and distributors reporting huge increases in sales of games featured on the show.  Whether Google/YouTube commits to a second season for the show depends heavily on the number of subscribers the channel gets and the number of shares, not likes, a show gets, so, if you would like a second season of TableTop, be sure to subscribe and share each episode.
Radakovich addressed some of the concerns that retailers had about TableTop first directing interested buyers to Amazon to buy the games featured on the show, pointing out that no one currently maintains a comprehensive online retailer locater, most viewers were familiar with Amazon and Amazon had all of the games played on TableTop readily available, should viewers wish to purchase.  Regarding the more recent agreement to promote TableTop featured games in Target, Radakovich pointed out that Target only promoted those games it already stocked and would help drive interest in expansions, such as those for Catan, and other products from the same publisher that Target did not stock ( Not that this is generalizable throughout the chain, but I took a walk thought our local Target this afternoon.  No games from participating publishers had the Geek & Sundry sticker on them and the G&S cardboard display featured Scrabble Catch Phrase, which, if I recall correctly, has not appeared on any episode of TableTop).  In addition, Radakovich showed off G&S TableTop posters, hopefully arriving in stores in November, and discussed a possible lighted G&S sign for instore use, as well as a national G&S TableTop Games Day, tentatively scheduled for next spring.  Lots of good stuff here, assuming it comes to fruition.

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