Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mayfair Games, Industry Leader

I find it interesting that, despite some complaints from retailers (Star Trek Catan and the recent exclusivity arrangement with Alliance) Mayfair Games has taken quite a leadership role within the gaming industry, first with their Minimum Advertised Price policy and more recently with their co-sponsorship of both this year’s Origins and  GENCON, followed by their announcement, at the Open House of a strong push with commercial advertising in the Chicago market (third largest television market in the nation, according to stationindex.com), including an extended appearance by Mayfair Games newsrams Bob and Angus on the Chicago broadcast of the Today show.  This, coupled with their offering of professionally produced commercials to qualified retailers, as far ahead of anything any other manufacturer (with the exception of WOTC) has developed to grow the market.  WOTC’s relaunch/push of Kaijudo Fantasy Flight Games and Pazio both do a good job within the industry of supporting and growing their various games, FFG especially through the Media Center and Organized Play and Pazio through the Pathfinder Society, but neither is reaching outside the adventure/hobby/specialty game industry

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