Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oz Fluxx and Looney Labs

Got in a demo copy of the new Oz Fluxx game from Looney Labs today. it is at the counter if you want to take a look at it.  It plays the same as any other Fluxx game, though all the cards are Oz specific and some of the rules cards draw directly from the stories, such as the Magic Shoes rule (when this rule is in play, you make click your heels together three times to draw another card) and the Green Spectacles card (draw another card if you have glasses or green clothing).  The game also features Surprise cards, which I was not familiar with. The Surprise card allows you to play in reaction to another person's action, generally canceling the card just played.

Looney Labs is working on a slew of other Fluxx games as well.  One I didn't get to play but saw demoed extensively was Gambling Fluxx.  Looney is also relaunching Treehouse, but this time in a green fabric bag, similar in style to that which Ice Dice is packaged in (By the way,  Kristen Looney of Looney Labs tells me their Pink Treehouse game is sold out. We do have a few copies left in stock so if you want one, now you know).

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