Monday, March 19, 2012

GW Still Cagey

Got a few moments with one of the sales representatives of Games Workshops to ask about upcoming releases.  According to him, the US sales team doesn't get the information on new releases until about a month ahead of time.  This means that the release information we have posted in the store (by the Games Workshop rack) is the same information that the US GW staff has. It's pretty hard to believe that a company the size of Games Workshop (Sales around $15 million per year) would not let their sales staff know what the heck is coming out this year and when it will release.

On a related note, also asked about this year's 'Ard Boyz and was told they had no word on this either.  No idea if there will be an 'Ard Boyz tournament, when it would start or what it would include. All I was told was that GW has some sort of event planned for this year, but no idea what form

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