Sunday, June 12, 2011

Redakai Slow

Well, Redakai hit the shelves last week and so far the resulting sales have whispered, not roared.  We had interest and even some pre-orders for the game before it releases, which led us to bring in a display of each of the main products for the game (skipped the figures as they didn’t seem to add much to the play) and the pre-orders have gone out but the shelf stock has just sat there, with only a couple of packs sold.   The promotional material sent out for the game has been top quality with good flyers, POP displays and posters but a demo deck included with all this tuff would have really been helpful.  There is a rulebook on the company website and a store can get a demo deck by signing up to run Organized Play on the Spin Masters website but we’d rather not spend the time running OP foro the game until we see if there is a following developing for it.  Having the game in 2 month prior to the mass market is cool but having the game in two months prior to the mass market with the series it’s based on running on Cartoon Network now would be even cooler.  Unfortunately, the latest info I can find out puts the launch of Redakai in the “second half of 2011” with no specific date given.

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