Saturday, June 18, 2011

Liveblogging Free RPG Day

10:18  10 people in at 5 after 10 to get stuff.

10:30  First slot of Pathfinder filled up.  Had to turn people away. Already out of two Free RPG Day items.

11:00  Two people on the waiting list for the 1 p.m. Pathfinder game.  Out of the Savage Worlds and GURPs freebies.  However, local MIB Jamie Robinson dropped off some more Steve Jackson Games handouts.

11:15  Giving away the free RPG Day dice to people playing in events.  First sets of dice went to Kristen Gregory nee' Gipson and Al Wagner.

11:55  D&D 4th edition session starting in 5 minutes.  2 players so far.

12:40  So far, the best selling item off the sale RPG table has been the Legacy Wars supplement for the Star Wars RPG.

Noon:  The last Laser Squid Nemesis just got taken.  Putting out Field of Daisies for Harn.

1 p.m.  Second session of Pathfinder starting, also with a full table.  Out of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  Quick Start rules.

2:08 p.m.  Waiting on the 1st D&D session to wrap so we can start up the Mouse Guard game.

2:50  Mouse Guard game getting started late because the D&;D game ran long.

3:16  Starting to put out Free RPG Day items from 2010 and earlier to fill holes on the rack.

3:44  Still have plenty of the Black Crusade, Aspect, Arcanis and World of Darkness freebies.  Even have a few of the D&D one left.

4:38  Of the five events scheduled for today, four went off.  Pathfinder had full tables both times, D&;D had three players show for the 1 p.m. game and Mouse Guard has a full table as well.

4:59  Mouse Guard just wrapped up.  Half the players had fun, the others said it was OK but not their preference.

5:20  This year's assortment of freebies appreciated much more than past years.  Having to pull out titles from 2007 to fill gaps in the rack.

6:05  And that's a wrap on this year's Free RPG Day.  Most popular items were the Pathfinder module and D&D sourcebook.  Least popular were the Black Crusade and Arcanis intro rules

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