Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots o' Small Press Releasing

Quite a few indie RPGs are releasing supplements next month. Due to the slow sales on most of their lines (when was the last time YOU bought a supplement for Qin: The Warring States), we will only bring in a few of them, except for special orders, of course. We will pick up the Victoriana expansion and the Gamescapes (because more maps are always good), but likely skip the others, unless, as I said, we get some pre-orders in for them. In general, if there's a game you like, the best way to ensure we stock it and expose it to more people is to pre-order it. That indicates to us there is a market and that if you like it, other people will as well.

Coming in November


Victoriana: The Havering Adventures

$24.99 SRP


Gamescapes: Gatorglades Swamps

$12.99 SRP

Suave. Sophisticated. And deadly... Meet the Haverings, Victoriana's most infamous family: Nathaniel, head of the family and proof that the upper classes aren't always in charge; beautiful and decadent Susanna, Nathaniel's distinctly improper wife; Jonathan, fallen to terrible vice; Selina, a survivor from the gutter and the family's moral heart; Tobin, wizardly academic with a criminal side; and Patterson, because every now and then a gentleman needs a manservant to put the boot in...

Havering Adventures provides full statistics for the Haverings, for use either as player characters or NPCs, and three action-packed ready-to-play adventures showcasing the Haverings' unique talents.

- In "Lost Luggage", track down a rogue suitcase with some very unusual contents.

- In "Behold, the Valiant ones shall cry", take to the skies in a luxury airship brimming with intrigue and secrets.

- In "Dead Man's Hand", learn the secrets of a strange artefact being exchanged across the poker tables of London. Havering Adventures also contains a wealth of detail on the Victoriana setting, including horse racing, the Royal Family, and poker.

And remember, as Nathaniel Havering says, "It's not really gambling unless you have something to lose..."

Fancy your chances?

Swamps, full of gators, 'squitoes , and disease. Who'd ever fight over such a place? Lots of people through history, that's who! We give you a tabletop full of swampy battleground on one side of this battle mat and a swamp encampment on the other. Whether they're anti-government rebels, marsh bandits, voodoon zombi-masters, or the advanced scouts of the Great Dragon's warband, this set of maps can fit into most any campaign setting.

Gamescapes are double-sided gaming maps printed to the highest quality on strong laminated card and coated with an easy-wipe surface to give you years of gaming pleasure. This set is printed with the classic 1" square grid overlaid.


Gamescapes: Fantasy Battleground

$12.99 SRP


PF: Coliseum Morpheuon

$34.99 SRP

On one side of this tabletop battle mat you'll find an army camp that's fit for any fantasy campaign. As troops prepare for battle among the tents, men will be sharpening their blades, adjusting their armor and making ready for... battle!

On the other side of the battle mat you'll find the results of all that preparation - the battlefield itself. Broken weapons, blood and mud. Just put your markers or miniatures down, and you can feel bones crunch, flesh slice. Any more realistic and you'd need to wear armor yourself. They call it a battle mat for a reason!

Gamescapes are double-sided gaming maps printed to the highest quality on strong laminated card and coated with an easy-wipe surface to give you years of gaming pleasure. This set is printed with the classic 1" square grid overlaid.

One hundred teams enter. One team leaves!

Explore the Chimeric Ampitheater, a complete setting and adventure for any campaign - guaranteed!

The Coliseum Morpheuon beckons your characters to travel the Realm of Dreams to enter a competition unlike any other. Set against the intrigue-laden setting of the Chimeric Ampitheater, the party will have to survive the contests in the arena - and because they happen in dreams, anything can and will happen! But more than that, they must learn to survive in the equally dangerous political atmosphere outside the Arena between fawning and manipulative patrons, rival slave team owners, vengeful monster trainers, and the ever mysterious and menacing Khan of Nightmares who controls all that happens within the Coliseum Morpheuon.

Coliseum Morpheuon is a legendary setting and adventure which can be dropped as-is in any campaign. Written by Clinton J. Boomer (Rpg Superstar finalist, Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Council of Thieves: The Infernal Syndrome) and Jonathan McAnulty (Kobold Quarterly: Ecology of the Froghemoth) with stunning artwork by Jason Rainville (To Kill or Not To Kill) and fantastic Cartography by Jonathan Roberts (Sea To Shore and Sunken Empires)


War of the Dead: Chapter One

$24.99 SRP


Qin: Tian Xia

$29.99 SRP


An unexplained cataclysm is infecting the world. Millions are dying and rising as flesh-consuming ghouls. Entire cities are roaming graveyards, and even the countryside is overrun with creatures in search of living flesh.

You begin in the first days of the outbreak, trapped aboard the maiden voyage of a state-of-the-art cruise ship that quickly becomes a floating graveyard. As you manage to escape back to land, the world around you is just about dead. The military can’t stop the spread of the infection, the government has relocated to the Rocky Mountains, and those remaining are banding together for survival—some seeking safety in numbers and others seeking to use their numbers to overpower and dominate the weak.

Can you survive in a world looking to eat you and turn you into another walking corpse? Can you trust other survivors not to kill you and take your supplies?

More importantly—when you discover something that could save the world, will you be strong enough to deliver it to the right people?

War of the Dead as a four-chapter adventure series that takes you from the first stages of the outbreak, and all the way into a world forever war torn and changed by the advancement of the Living Dead!

“Xianyang, the capital of Qin and the most beautiful city of all Zhongguo. Her streets are bright and clean. Her districts are ordered and peaceful. Her population enjoys the peace which the order brings and her citizens can go about their daily business without fear. But more than all that, which differentiates Xianyang from her sisters of the other Kingdoms, is her heart!

This city vibrates with an energy rich and strong, her life pulsates through her avenues, her spirit inspires her inhabitants. Xianyang is the ideal, a city with multiple facets, and inexhaustible richness.

And me, I am the guard of this noble soul, at the same time father, husband and brother of a city which history will remember as the glorious one capital of an Empire called to last ten thousand years and more. And there is nothing I wouldn’t do to preserve her beauty, her force, her identity.” Chao Guang, governor of Xianyang

Xianyang is an essential supplement for Qin: the Warring States roleplaying game.

The first book of Tian Xia, not only contains the first four scenarios of an epic campaign but also describes the fabulous capital of Qin, under all its aspects: her history, operation, political organization, population, secrets, etc.

Rich in information, Xianyang allows Gamemasters eager to submerse their players in the wonders of the city and interact with the inhabitants within one of the largest cities of Zhongguo, capital of the most powerful of its Kingdoms.

Xianyang contains:

• A detailed description of the capital of Qin (including its history, its geography, its many districts, the royal City, its organization, its secrets, etc).

• Deatils of more than seventy characters populating this large city (from simple workman to powerful ministers and courtesans) without forgetting the major historical figures of the time (the King Ying Zheng, Li If, Han Fei Zi, Zhao Gao, etc).

• Complete information on the secret services of Qin.

• The first four scenarios of the Ti├án Xia campaign, which propels the players to the forefront of affairs and will lead them to play a key role in the great History of the reunification of China.

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