Saturday, June 26, 2010

Origins Awards Winners

Here're the 2010 Origins Awards winners:

On behalf of Game Manufacturers Association and the Academy of
Adventure Gaming Arts & Design, the 36th Annual Origins Award winners
of 2010 are:

Best Historical Miniature Figure or Line - Wings of War: Albatross
D.III by Nexus Editrice

Best Historical Miniature Game Rules Supplement - Flames of War: North
Africa by Battlefront Miniatures, LTD.

Best Historical Miniature Game Rules - Wings of War: WWII, Deluxe
Edition by Nexus Editrice, designed by Andrea Angiolino & Pier Glorgio

Best Historical Board Game – Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! By
Academy Games, designed by Uwe Eickert, John Hill & Dana Lombardy

Best Game-Related Book – BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction by
Catalyst Game Labs, written by Randall N. Bills, Jason Schmetzer &
Matt Heerdt

Best Game Accessory – Knights of the Dinner Table by Kenzer & Company,
designed by Jolly R. Blackburn

Best Miniature Figure or Line – Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor
Expansion by WizKids, designed by Eric Englehard, Kelly Bonilla, Jake
Theis & James Szubski

Best Miniature Game Rules - BattleTech: Strategic Operations by
Catalyst Game Labs, designed by Herbert A. Beas II & Randall N. Bills

Best Role Playing Game Supplement - Big Damn Heroes Handbook by
Margaret Weis Productions, designed by Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Jim
Davenport, Jason Durall, Tony Lee, Nathon Rockwood & Clark Valentine

Best Role Playing Game - Eclipse Phase by Catalyst Game Labs/Posthuman
Studios, designed by Rob Boyle & Brian Cross

Best Children’s, Family or Party Game - Are You The Traitor? By Looney
Labs, designed by Andrew Looney

Best Traditional Card Game – Poo by Catalyst Game Labs/Labs/WildFire,
LLC., designed by Matthew Grau

Best Board Game - Space Hulk by Games Workshop

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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