Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free RPG Day

Interesting Free RPG Day. We ordered two kits of stuff to give away and only went through about one so will give away the rest along with purchases and at the Halloween party. People coming into the store broke into two general groups: those who were coming in as regular customers and had no idea the 19th was Free RPG Day and those who know it and came in with cans of food and headed right for the rack of freebies.

The first group kinda nodded when the rack of free stuff pas pointed out to them and after looking at the selection for a bit, wound up taking a dice. Most of them were card customers who had little to no interest in RPGs, so the dice was perfect.

The second group already knew about how many items were offered and had brought enough cans of food to score one of each. Yes, if you brought in cans of food for the food pantry, you could take 1 additional item per can. A couple of members of this group tried to push to get a second copy of some of the items, especially the Dark Sun 4e module, which is selling for $18-$20 now. However, we told them no so we could make sure everyone who wanted one got it. However, we do have some left, which we will give to people who pre-pay for the 4e Dark Sun Campaign setting, releasing August 6. Samething with Pathfinder, anyone buying $40 worth of Pathfinder will get a copy of the Free RPG Day module.

Interstingly, most of the seond group were irregular customers. They come to the store about once a month or so. Today, they made a special trip just for Free RPG Day, got the stuff they wanted, gave us cans of food and left. Very few bought anything else. Group one was much more likely to make purchases and looked at Free RPG Day as an afterthought.

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  1. I come in at least once a week to buy comics (I have a pull list with you) and buy gaming stuff about once a month as my budget allows. I really appreciated Free RPG day and can't thank you enough for holding it. It gave me something fun to look forward to. Thanks. :)