Thursday, March 25, 2010

Magic Update

I'm at the GAMA Trade Show this week and just finished WOTC's presentation on what's happening with Magic this year.

Interest n Magic is up tremendously. Sales of the Magic 2010 set are 70% higher than sales of the Magic 10th edition set, with Zendikar being the best selling set of all time. Number of Magic sanctioned events is up 35% over 2008.

The next set , Rise of the Eldrazi, will have 248 cards, making it the largest final set of a block ever. It should be in store around the end of April.

Multiplayer Magics will get a big push this summer, which WOTC has designated the Summer of Multiplayer. The multiplayer set is titled Archenemy and the focus is on 3 average decsk against one uberdeck. Archenemy arrives June 18th.

Magic 2011 launches on July 16 with 249 cards, half of which are new. The major change in presentation of the set is that intropacks will now have a 60 card deck included, rather than the current 40 card deck. There will still be a booster back included with each deck.

August 27 will see the launch of this year's From the Vault set, Relics. WOTC will sell 100 sets per day at GENCon earlier in the month, then store's will have them on the 27. It's another limited set so expect to see them vanish quickly.

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