Friday, February 19, 2010

Review--Rifter #49

Since Palladium Books comes out with a new product so seldom (at one time the joke was that Palladium didn't have release dates, it had release years) and they sent me a copy, I wanted to take a look at the new issue of the Rifter, #49.

The front cover gives us a pretty good idea of the focus of this issue: vampires. Sure enough, insides there's a 35+ page article on expanded rules for vampires in Nightbane. There's also stuff on the stage magic occupation for Heroes Unlimited and material on the Free State of Lazlo for Rifts. Two short stories and a very good article for GMs on how to kill off the entire party and make the characters like it. Well, they'll like it afterwards and it's usable with any game system, not just the Palladium ones.

There's also about 10 pages of Palladium news, including a number of upcoming releases and a plug for the 2010 open house as well as a really annoying (from my point of view) full page ad soliciting subscriptions to the Rifter.

All in all, a good issue if you are a Palladium fan. The short fiction is pretty well written and the "Kill the entire party" article is a brilliant idea.

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