Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eco Fluxx

Just got in a review copy of the revised EcoFluxx game from Looney Labs, 110 cards plus a color instruction sheet, Suggested retail price $16. Packaging is the same as the format Looney Labs had adopted for the revised new versions of all of their games, a 4" x 5" sliding box with a divider in the center to keep the cards from shifting.

Besic play is the same as in all Fluxx games, start with thre cards, draw an card and play a card. The Goal and Keeper cards all have ecological themes, as do several of the Rules and Action cards. There are a couple of variants in the Creeper and Goal cards included. While any of the three Creeper cards, Fire, Flood or Drought, are in play, no one can win, so it's to all players' advantage to get them removed from the game as quickly as possible.

Added to the Goal cards is the "Eats" card. When an "eats" goal is in play, such as "Spiders Eat Insects", you win if you have the Spider card in play and someone, you or another player, has the Insects card down. This increased the complexity level slightly, to the point that the rules suggest you remove these cards from the game if you've never played Fluxx before.

Looney Labs' social sensibilities are in full bloom here. There's even an Pledge Allegiance to the Earth card (not as part of the game, just a promotional piece) that notes Looney Labs will donate 5% of the proceeds from EcoFluxx to environmental groups. I've had customers asking for this (not as much as Stoner Fluxx though) since it went out of print so I'm glad to see it available again.

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