Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: Stoner Fluxx

Stoner Fluxx Pub. Full Baked Ideas 100 full color cards. MSRP $20.00

Gameplay-- Stoner Fluxx uses Looney Labs basic Fluxx mechanic: start with thre cards in your hadn, draw and card, play a card, following the rules in play and win by achieving whatever goal is on the table at the moment. However, all of the Goal, Keeper and Creeper cards, as well as many of the Action and rule cards, are themed around the drug culture. In fact a couple of the cards, specifically the "Toke!" and "Weed Bonus" cards, which call for the player to light up, have warnings printed on the bottom to the effect that "Doing what this card says is illegal. Set it aside until after marijuana prohibition ends."

Presentation--Stoner Fluxx has been out of print since about 2005 and I've had hundreds of inquiries about it for the last several years so I'm glad to see it back in print. The cards are in full color and the art is much improved over the previous version. Fully Baked Ideas is an imprint of Looney Labs, created for the company to release its more controversial games. There's no doubt as to where Fully Baked Ideas sympathies lie, as 3 cards in the box have no have no use in the game, instead advocating for the legalization of marijuana. In addition, FBI will donate 5% of the proceeds from sales of Stoner Fluxx will get donated to groups working to end marijuana prohibition.

If you like Fluxx and if your store does well with Fluxx AND your customers or friends are pretty laid back, than Stoner Fluxx should do well for you, especially in areas with a strong college clientele. Stores or groups with a more conservative bent or who have very heavy family orientation, should think very hard before bringing Stoner Flux in and probably keep it behind the counter.

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