Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Masters of Magic

Masters of Magic Book One: The Heart of Magic by Mark Hall and Kevin Siembieda. Pub. by Palladium Books. www.palladiumboks. com. 8 1/2 x11" softcover with B&W interiors. 96 pages. MSRP $16.05.

Gameplay Designed for use with both the Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game and Rifts, Heart of Magic focuses on the history and mystery behind Wizardry and spell casting. It looks at Warlocks, Cobbler Goblins and Priests. Also included are new Wizard O. C. C.'s and Priest O.C. C.'s, as well as new spell. Great book if you play any of the Palladium fantasy games, not so useful if you play any of their high-tech games or any other system.

Presentation Nicely evocative comer, though I guess the idea is to mage magic mor estructed as there are basic genometric symbols spread over it. Very well laid out book and the art is significantly better than I've seen in several recent Palladium releases. No index but there is a very comprehensive table of contents as well as list of other Paladium books on the back cover, though I'm not sure why Palladium chose to put Ninjas & Superspies and Heroes Unlimited there rather thatn more related titles.

Overall: IF you like Palladium Fantasy or, to a lesser extent Rifts, pick this up. If you don't carrry or play either, save your money for something else.

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