Friday, May 31, 2013

Pathfinder vs D&D

Interesting to see the change in production schedules for Pathfinder products vs. D&D supplements as it relates to the relative popularity of both games. Today we received four new supplements for Pathfinder, all official and all from Paizo. We have not received or been solicited for a new D&D supplement in a couple of months, likely because of the focus on D&D Next.

The question becomes: Is the D&D brand strong enough to over come the amount of headway it has given to Pathfinder? I would bet we will see an enormous amount of interest in D&D Next at the outset, but bet it will prove hard to pull players away from Pathfinder, unless WOTC comes out with a strong Organized Play program out of the gate. While D&D Encounters is good for what it is, what it isn't is a good OP program, on the order of Pathfinder Society or the old Living camapgins.