Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kaladesh Inventions

According to this, there will be 30 Kaladesh Invention cards, which will now be generally referred to as Masterpiece cards, inserted at a ratio of one card per 144 packs, which works out to 1 card per 4 booster displays. Ergo, if you open 2 cases of boosters, you could reasonably expect to pull three Inventions cards. The Aether Revolt set will contain the remaining 24 cards in the set. WOTC expects to include around 50 Masterpiece cards in each upcoming block

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Release Date Tape

WizKids announced something new:  the company will start putting Release Date notices on their products that ship before release dates, warning them that there is a release date for the product. This still won't stop everyone from breaking street date but getting information to people is certainly a step forward.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Buy/Don't Buy Dice

Found these in a drawer in the office. The Buy/Don't Buy dice were a gift from Flying Buffalo and only 10 sets exist.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

No FFG/GW Reprints Scheduled

Fantasy Flight Games just sent out a list of scheduled reprints coming out in October, reproduced below. None of the GW licenses are on the list. That does not mean we won't see anything in November or December, but, as the license ends in February, it is doubtful the company will schedule anything too close to the cuttoff date for reprinting:

Android: Mainframe
Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror
7 Wonders: Wonder Pack
Mysterium: Hidden Signs

Monday, September 19, 2016

Spider Man Clone Conspiracy

If you are a Spider Man fan, read this:

I've only sent a message like this to you twice, with the first one being when I told you ASM #698 would kick off something BIG (remember the death of Peter Parker and the launch of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN?). So I think my track record with you on this is pretty good, right?
You haven't ordered enough CLONE CONSPIRACY #1.
And that's OUR fault.
In every interview and promotion for this book we've said it WILL be the core Spider-Man title while it's coming out. But since that hasn't really stuck, it means WE weren't hitting that information hard enough.
So I'm throwing this out there one last time:
CLONE CONSPIRACY is the CORE Spider-Man title.
It's not a mini-series. It IS the SPIDER-MAN EVENT this year.
When you think Clone Conspiracy think SPIDER-ISLAND, ENDS OF THE EARTH, and SPIDER-VERSE. It's THAT big. It will have ramifications that will affect a number of titles: mainly AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, PROWLER, and SILK (which all tie into Clone Conspiracy.)
Your regular Spider-Man readers will want to pick this up BECAUSE it's the core title.
When lapsed Spider-Man readers hear what's going on in via word of mouth and social media, THEY will want to pick this up... for *reasons*.
And, with Jim Cheung's pencils, John Dell's inks, and Justin Ponsor's coloring on this, it will be one of the best damn looking books on the rack-- and NEW readers will pick it up. And then get panels of it tattooed onto their bodies.
At its current numbers, I feel very confident that CLONE CONSPIRACY will sell out and go to additional printings. But that'd mean readers would be getting everything out of sequence-- and you know THEY don't want that, YOU don't want that, and I don't want that. So help a guy out, okay? ;-)
FINAL ORDER CUT OFF for CLONE CONSPIRACY #1 is THIS Monday, September 19th.
(If you're a reader and you're seeing this, please be sure to CALL your local comic shop today, Sunday the 18th, or tomorrow, Monday the 19th, and ask them to hold Clone Conspiracy #1 for you. If you want to get a copy when it comes out, calling them this Tuesday might be too late.)

Games Workshop Boardgames

Fortress has an interesting look at the history of Games Workshop boardgames, especially given the current ending of the FFG license. I found especially interesting the fact that the boardgames that GW produced during the peak of their production during the late 1980s were never as profitable as the Warhammer and Warhammer lines of miniatures and miniatures rules, causing the company to shutter their production.

Also interesting was the two views of HeroQuest within the company, with one faction viewing it as a product that took time and attention away from GW's own product lines while the other viewed the game and its promotion by Milton Bradley as valuable in recruiting new customers into the shop. For those interested in Games Workshop, the column is definitely worth the read.

Historic Miniatures Follow-Up

This week's ICV2 column follows up and expands on last week's post on historic miniatures sales.