Monday, November 13, 2023

Castle Zagyg

Troll Lord Games put out several RPG books written by Gary Gygax in the early 2000s. After he did , his estate pulled the rights to his work from Troll Lord Games so the publisher cleared out what they had in stock and returned the proofs of unpublished work to the estate. After almost 20 years the parties have come to an agreement and will now bring the unpublished works into print but now compatible with the Castles and Crusades RPG system, rahter than Dungeons and Dragons. However, Castles and Crusades is close enough to 3.0/3.5 D&D that the new books ccould be used with the other system with some conversion. More never published Gygax books will get released over the next couple of years as Gygax was pretty prolific and had quite a bit of material ready when he passed away.

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