Tuesday, August 29, 2023


The last time I remember seeing this amount of buzz and demand for a product was during the early years of Pokemon in the late 1990s. The big difference between the two is that it was kids primarily interested in Pokemon. Granded they brought their partents along as the parents were the ones controlling the pursestrings but the parents had litttle interest in the product.

Not so with Lorcana. We have seen far more adults coming into buy product than we have children. I would estimate aobut 80% of our customers were adults with no kids accompanying them.

Another major difference is much less instore play of Lorcana than we saw of Pokemon. We would have tables of kids, again few if any adults, come in to play in the store Pokemon leagues. We started up a store Lorcana league and, so far, it has been adults playing, no kids. 

Of course, we have also seen a marked drop off in people wanting to play Pokemon. Most of todays customers want to look for the shiny cards and trade them, rather than learning how the game plays.

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