Monday, May 1, 2023


 FOC or Final Order Cutoff is the term used to describe the final date by which stores can put in their final orders for a number of comic publishers. Generally, stores put in orders for comics two months before publication dats. So the books we put in orders for this month are expected to release in July and August. this gives the  publsihers about 2 onth to gather orders and set print runs. The problem is that stores have little idea how a books, expecially a new one, will set two months out.

Hence, a number of larger publishers now allow stores to adjust orders three weeks prior to publication date. This allows stores to get a better feel for sales on a title and what effect changes may have had, such as adding a new creative team.. Most small publishers, such as Boundless and Antarctic, do not have the flexibilty to all changes in orders so close to publication and donot particpate in FOC.

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