Thursday, December 8, 2022

Darkwing Duck

A letter from the writer of the new launch of Darkwing Duck:

I am the terror that flaps in the night!

I am the scribe who pulverizes puns!

I am the writer who dares to tackle your childhood nostalgia and bring it forth for you to share it with a new generation!

I am writing Darkwing Duck!

I’m so excited to have been asked to take on The Masked Mallard, especially with such GORGEOUS art by Carlo Lauro and I’m even more excited to share it with you. I was a child of the 1990s who watched the Darkwing Duck television series with my little sisters. The humor and the action had me hooked then and continue to hook me now. As a writer who has been lucky enough to write many of the Big Caped Crusaders in my comics career, this opportunity to poke LOVING fun at the genre with a character who takes it as seriously as the brooding-est of vigilantes was too delicious to resist.

As I said, I grew up with Darkwing in the 1990s and now, like Drake Mallard, I’m a parent myself and have to grapple (pun intended) with my superhero life and my life as a mom. This is a part of Darkwing that I wanted to explore more as I delved into this arc: Darkwing Duck as caped crusader AND dad. Gosalyn is as brilliant and feisty as they come, a combo that is every parent’s simultaneous dream and nightmare. The potential for fun and antics are ENDLESS!

This series is a perfect way to introduce a new generation to the character we all know and love while also keeping true to the essence of what we, the founding generation of St. Canard have always known and loved. I can promise you will see many of your favorite villains from Magavolt to Bushroot along with beloved sidekick, Launchpad and pillar of the community Herb Muddlefoot. And for you goth romantics out there, yes, Morgana Macawber still has Darkwing’s heart clutched in her cold, pale hands.

Join me for what I can promise will be a lot of laughs, a lot of action, and even a few inside jokes just for us. I may not have the ego of Darkwing - but I am confident you’ll have a great time!

Let’s get dangerous!
Amanda Deibert

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