Friday, September 2, 2022


 No not telling you how to get to the store, although if you need them you can find them here. I am talking about the type of directions on how to use a promotional item a publisher has sent us. Granted, a store can use it anyway it wishes but too often the publisher, and the trading card game companies are especially bad at this, toss their promo items into a box and ship them out without including any information on how they would like them used. Granted, they probably have already informed us via email but having a paper in the box listing what should be int there and how they would like us to use them would certainly help.

Similarly, having packing slips with costs included with shipments would help speed up processing. It is truly a pain to open a box and find a packing slip inside with no information as to cost or MSRP. This means we have to go back to the internet and see if an invoice was sent to us or, as in hte case quite often with Asmodee, go to their website and look up individual information on the cost of the product. Including paperwork would be quite a timesaver.

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