Saturday, January 1, 2022

Food Expiration Dates

 Interesting bit of information "best by" dates on food have no consistance and not even the same menaing from state to state. the only product with standarized expiration dates are infant formula. The best by dates were not even originally offered as consumer infromation. They were included on food products in a code that grocers could read to allow them to rotate products so as to move the older packages of food to the front of the shelf and sell them. Consumers leaned about the codes and started inquiring as to how to read them so over time, producers started putting the dates on the package in plain language to use as a marketing tool so that consumers would buy the newer proudcts thinking they were fresher. In actually, this is just a case of marketing affecting consumer behavior, negatively, as now we throw away food that has passed its "best by" date, in in all likelihood the food is still good.

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