Thursday, May 27, 2021

Top Social Media Platforms

 Every semester for my Principles of Marketing class, I have my students survey over 1000 Southeast Missouri State Students regarding their social media use, so If you want to reach a college student, these are probably the best platforms to use. Unfortunately, unless you make your messages compelling, they are likely going to swipe right or ignore them. After all, just because you put the message out does not mean anyone will read it. So here they are in order, along with some comments as to why:

1. Snapchat--used to keep in contact with one another. For a lot of students has replaced texting. Very easy to ignore advertisements though

2. Instagram--People like looking at pictures. Much more so than text only

3.  TikTok--not even on the radar last year. Now a very popular way to spend time. Has replaced YouTube for a lot of students

4.  Facebook-Viewed as used by parents and grandparents. Students don't use it as much for them selves and a number only keep accounts active because their parents and grandparents do.

5. Twitter--not visual. Lots of text and can be hard to follow.. Viewed as primarily used for news. Easy to lose the context of messages.

Discord was also referenced but was not referenced enough to reach the top 5. Linked In is also used but primarily for job searching so if you are trying to reach college students, Snapchat or Instagram are probably your best bets.

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