Tuesday, December 15, 2020

GW Orders

 We put in our weekly order for Games Workshop products on Tuesday about 1 to 2 p.m. One we put that order in, our order for new releases, which hit the shelf on Saturday, is locked in and we cannot add to it until the following week. Due to COVID-19 and shipping problems, orders for new products releasing each week will arrive by the Saturday they are scheduled to release. GW is very good about that. Unfortunately, this means that restocks are running 1-2 weeks slow. In normal times, we put the order in on Tuesday and both new releases and restocks arrive in time for Saturday release.

Currently however, new releases ship first and get here by Saturday. Restocks are treated with far less priority and will arrive a week or so later. If you see an item announced on the GW website that you want to be sure of getting on release date, please let us know by Monday evening so we can get it on the Tuesday order and have it here on time on Saturday

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