Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors

This article looks at the psychology behind Rock Paper Scissors and presents a couple of strategies for winning. Based on an analysis done by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (yes, there is such a thing), you will most likely win if you throw paper. Here is the reasoning:

In Society tournaments, players throw scissors 30% of the time (well 29.6%). That means there is a 70% likelihood your opponent will throw rock or paper so if you opt for paper and your opponent chooses rock, you win. Paper covers Rock. If you opt for paper and your opponent also chooses paper, you tie.

The other thing to take into consideration is that players will usually throw the same thing twice in a row, then switch. So if someone chooses Rock twice in a row, your best choice on the third game is scissors as they will most likely change to scissors or paper. If you change to scissors, you will either tie or win.

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