Sunday, November 12, 2017

Survey Response: Online Sales

One of the responses to the survey now running on the Facebook page asked us for an online listing of our out of print and rarer items. We have had  an Bay store for a couple of years now and regularly list items there. We very seldom post new items there since it is quite easy to find those new items elsewhere on the interwebs for less but we do make an effort to post 1-10 items daily from our massive stock of used and out of print items, almost all with free shipping.

Why not on our own site? Mainly because eBay has already done all of the work to set up a very efficient online sales sales system that there is no reason for us to duplicate and using eBay is more cost efficient, at our sales level, than selling through Amazon.

If you see an item we have listed on eBay and want to order it directly, just email or call the store. We will also gladly sell you items listed on eBay if you ask about them while you are in the store.

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