Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Importance of Turnover

About once a week, we get asked if we have XXX game or are getting XXXX game or will get XXXX game back in stock. The primary driving of our responses to each of these is past sales. If a game has sold fairly steadily, at least 4 time or 4 turns per year, we will likely restock it. That means we move a copy about once every quarter but often means that we sell several copies during the Christmas season and none the rest of the year. In a case like this, we will likely not carry the game during the winter, spring and summer and stock it back in during the last 4 month of the year. If we carried it through the Christmas season and didn't sell any or sold only one copy, we will most likely drop it for the next year in favor of something that turns more steadily. Every game that sits on our shelves is money tied up in inventory that could be put to some other use.

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