Friday, November 13, 2015

The Importance of OP to Stores and Manufacturers

Durring the recent FFG X-Wing World Championships Twitch commentary, a problem cropped up that probably only bothered the LGS (Local Game Store). A pair of FFG employees, while discussing the play and responding to comments from fans, comment that the core game can be purchased pretty cheaply on Amazon. Granted, it was only a 6 second comment but statements like that are a red flag to retailers and to FFG’s credit, several other employees spoke to them about the comments soon after they were made.

Here’s why comments like this bother brick and mortar stores so much, not just from FFG but from any manufacturer. If you are a manufacturer with Organized Play as a component of your marketing plan, such as WOTC, Konami, FFG, Iello, etc., that Organized Play takes place in brick and mortar stores. Last time I checked Amazon doesn’t run OP and Wal-mart and Target stopped doing it when Pokemon cratered during the 90s. It is the brick and mortar specialty stores that put time and effort into building a strong OP program and to have manufacturers send customers to stores that don’t support your OP model doesn’t benefit either of us.

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