Monday, September 15, 2014

HeroClix "Con In Your Store" Post Mortem

I have to agree with Rod Lambertifo’s Talk Back letter about the WizKids’ Con In Your Store promotion. It was a great idea, help move some of their older product and give stores an event to draw their HeroClix customers in with cool promotional items. Unfortunately, as with many WizKids’ releases, timing proved an issue. We set up our event for early August, as did many other stores, only to receive a notification that, due to overwhelming response, the Con In Your Store materials would not arrive until mid-August meaning we would have to run the event in the shadow of GenCon. In addition, the other promo items, such as the Trinity of Sin figure, for which we had to pay, did not come into stock until late August, way too late to serve any use in promoting the event. I like WizKids, I make money from WizKids, WizKids Storyline Campaigns draw more people into the store than Yu Gi Oh tournaments do, currently, and I will keep promoting and running  WizKids events. However, I will likely shy away from any events like this one that give only short-term notice and don’t indicate that the promo items are already in hand.

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