Friday, September 13, 2013

Dungeons and Dragons the Movie The Saga Continues

According to this article on Examiner, the D&D movie (Yes T|HAT D&D Movie) was not really planned as a movie.  Courtney Solomon, the producer, had really visualized Dungeons and Dragons as a television series, but felt that TSR was trying to run out the clock on his option on the property and made the movie as a stop gap in order to retain the rights.

Incidentally, according to no less than Margaret Weiss, TSR converted Dragonlance to the Saga System to avoid Solomon making a Dragonlance movie.  Apparently the fear at TSR was that Solomon would claim the rights to DL were included with his rights to Dungeons & Dragons so changed the system to keep the rights to Dragonlance in case negotiations with the Jim Henson Company, among others, progressed

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