Friday, August 16, 2013

Fairy Tale Assassin League

Got a chance to look at Fairy Tale Assassin League from Hamster Press while I was at Gencon.  Hamster Press is a one man operation run by Chris Engle, whom I have known for almost 20 years.  Hamster Press specializes in what Engle calls "Matrix Games".  Matrix Games play similarly to Atlas Games' Once Upon a Time card game as players tell a story, with each player arguing whether a new section of the story should be added to the full 'matrix' of the story or not.  If the argument is successful, the addition becomes part of the story and must be included in the ongoing storyline.  If not, it is disregarded.  In FTAL, a successful addition to the story means the player scores  point, with the player having the most points when the story concludes declared the winner.

Apparently the concept of transporting fairy tale characters to the real world has struck a chord beyond television and comics, as Chris said he has nearly sold out the first print run of 300 copies of FTAL, leaving only 50 for sale at GenCon, making this the best selling release in Hamster Press' history.

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