Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tale of Two Paints

Probably going to drop the Howard Hues line of paints.  We brought these in about two years ago and have sold less than half a dozen bottles, despite their quality and value.  We currently stock, in depth, the Games Workshop and Privateer Press lines, because both of those sell steadily, the GW paints outselling the PP ones by a factor of 4 to one, mainly because of the high number of Warhammer 40,000 players compared to Warmachine and Hordes players in the area.  We have looked at expanding the Reaper line but haven't been able to get any info on a rack.  We have toyed with bringing in the Vallejo line of paints as well, as people speak quite highly of them, but the Vallejo paint sets we brought it, to test the waters, moved very slowly.  Ergo, we are pretty leery of bringing in the entire Vallejo line, given that it would amount to a significant investment on the store's part to do so.


  1. The problem is you got paint sets, and those are too much of an upfront expense for anyone wanting to try the paint. Plus they tend to be grouped in very specific color ranges. I've been a fan of the Vallejo line for a few years and I wish there were a more accessible source of resupply than St. Louis or the internet. I will say that I have gotten a few bad batches via mail order so being able to give the pot a test shake before purchase is also a positive benefit of buying from a brick and mortar. Vallejo Air Color is especially difficult to find, so that might be a good niche area for you to try out.

  2. Good point. As it would be a big expense for us to bring the line in though, we need you, and other people interested, to come in and ask for them. If we get a variety of people asking us to carry them, we will bring them in.