Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lair Assault for D&D 4th Edition

WOTC's Lair Assault is designed for more experienced 4th edition D&D players, preferable for a group that has played together a few sessions as the program empathizes both character and group design as well as tactical skills.  Each month offers a very difficult challenge to the play group, with a number of puzzles and the extreme likelihood of defeat of the players, with the opportunity to come back and give the challenge another go later in the month if they fail the first time.  Failure is expected and players are expected to tailor character design to specifically overcome the challenge and plan tactics to bring to the game outside of the session, which should last 2-3 hours, roughly twice as long as a session of D&D Encounters.  WOTC recommends that only the most tactically minded players and GMs play in a Lair Assault Challenge, as less experienced players would quickly be defeated while an inexperienced DM might have problems with the complexity of the adventure.

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