Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Coming in May

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Godzilla Kaiju Wars Board Game

$69.99 SRP

Created by veteran game designer Richard H. Berg, this game features four of cinema's most popular monsters (Rodan, Gigan, Ghidorah, and Godzilla) in an all-out battle royale. The monsters will brawl over a variety of terrain, all while destroying buildings and dealing with bombs, traps, and (of course) the military. The highly detailed miniature figures stand 2-3/8” inches high and the game also includes 90 stackable plastic tiles, which players can use to construct hundreds of different cityscapes that form the settings for the monster battles that are at the core of this board game simulation of the classic Japanese monster movies.

Berg’s card-based gameplay allows players to create highly cinematic battles and scales to varying levels of complexity. Players can sit down for a quick one-on-one brawl between monsters, or choose a different victory condition for a deeper, more strategic game. Thanks to game-changing events and relentless military pressure, any outcome is possible.

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