Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knights of the Dinner Table

The comic book Knights of the Dinner table, published by Kenzer & Company, is an often overlooked gem of a product, easily lost amidst large releases from WOTC, Pazio, Fantasy Flight Games and Days of Wonder, to name a few. Yet for over fifteen years, Kenzer & Co has succeeded in making sure another issue of the book hits the shelves every month regularly as clockwork, with issue #170 hitting the shelves on two weeks ago. Only Games Workshop, with White Dwarf, has managed a similar track record in our industry, and Knights, though mainly focused on Hackmaster, is still much less of a house organ than White Dwarf, while managing to come up with 80 pages of comics, gaming material and columns.

If you are not familiar with KODT (as fans refer to it), the strip focuses on the interactions of a group of players of the Hackmaster RPG (developed after repeated references in the comic created a demand for it among readers) with each other and the other RPG players of greater Muncie. I can only wish for a devotion to games among my customers comparable to that shown by the characters in KODT. Alas, my dream of a twenty-four hour game store shall likely go forever unrealized.

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  1. FYI, KODT has been published for 21 years now, #161 March 2010 was the 20th Year Celebration Issue. Jolly Blackburn created it and a few years later he joined forces with K&Co