Friday, July 29, 2016

Why No Sneak Peeks?

We have had a couple of people inquire as to why the store has not hosted the last couple of Yu Gi Oh Sneak Peeks. The answer is due to Konami policy.

In order to qualify to host a Sneak Peek, as well as other special Konami events, such as Yu Gi Oh Day, Konami requires stores to host at least one sanctioned tournament per month for the preceding quarter. If a store does not meet this requirement, it loses the opportunity to host Sneek Peeks until such time as it meets the requirement again.

We have not had turnout for our weekly tournaments which are scheduled at noon on Saturday. We tried moving them to Tuesday nights for a period to accommodate players, who said that was a better night for them to show up but after a couple of weeks, those players stopped showing up as well.

It is quite simple. In order for us to host special events like Sneak Peeks, we need duelists to show up and participate in the weekly tournaments, for which we charge $5.   We can run them for free if players would like but then we would only give out one pack of cards to the overall winner. Let us know if you would like this option. Be that as it may, until we have at least 4 players show up for a tournament once per month, Konami will not offer a Sneak Peek to players at the store.