Thursday, June 4, 2015

Selling Promotional Items

Every once in awhile we have someone ask us about buying promotional items or we see a store selling promotional items online. Just recently, we spotted someone selling Free RPG Day promotional items on eBay weeks ahead of the official day of the event.

First of all, if you are a customer and you received a promotional item, it is your's. You are free to sell it, keep it, give it away, jump up and down on it or whatever you choose to do. Once it leaves the retailer's possession, the agreement the store may have with the provider may end.

What the retailer can do with promotional items may or may not be restricted based on the agreement with the provider of the item.  For example, stores have an agreement with WOTC that we will not sell the promotional cards provided for Friday Night Magic. WOTC provides the cards to us to use as prizes during the event and in return, we agree not to sell them. In fact, that is why you will find stores that will not take FNM promos in trade until they are no longer Standard legal, so that there is no chance of WOTC finding them offering a FNM promo for sale.

A similar agreement exists between stores and Wizkids for their HeroClix OP items. Here' it is a bit more of a gray area, as unlike promos from WOTC, stores do have to pay for the OP promos from WizKids. Still, the agreement stores enter into is pretty straightforward, in return for being able to buy OP materials, stores agree not to sell them until given the OK  by Wizkids. When this happens, it is usually months after the end, as in the case of the Fear Itself OP campaign, which ran throughout 2013 but which stores could not sell any remaining boosters for until mid-2014.