Saturday, September 22, 2012

WizKids' No Mans Land

In Ft. Wayne Indiana this weekend for the Alliance/Diamond Open House.  So far, the presentation from NECA/WizKids, detailing their plans for the Batman: No Man’s Land six part storyline tournament starting in November and running through next May has really caught my attention.  This tournament leaves behind the cosmic orientation of the Infinity Gauntlet, brining play down to earth with Batman’s Utility Belt as the focus of game play, with players receiving a different component of the belt each month and Limited Edition figures keyed to the No Mans Land storyline.  First month is Lockup, then Batgirl, Ultimate Clayface, Poison Ivy ( fantastic sculpt, by the way), Killer Croc and finally the Joker and Harley Quinn (of course), with the big prize a model of the Batcave, complete with Alfred bearing medical supplies.

The addition of gangs adds a twist to the tournament.  Each player declares their allegiance to one of the games vying for control of Gotham City during the tournament.  The top four members of the gang controlling most of Gotham at the end of the tournament each receive a Penguin LE figure, meaning that, even if you are not one of the top players in each month’s game, you still have a good chance of walking away with a cool prize by affiliating with the winning gang.