Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Background of Pokemon Go

Amazing how Pokemon Go has gotten millions of people outside to walk millions of miles and interact with millions of strangers.

 Niantic Labs, the spin-off from Google nee Alphabet, first built their Ingress game based on the Android system with the idea that groups playing the game would use GPS co-ordinates and Google Maps to converge on public spaces and battle for control of them. Millions of players attracted the attention of Nintendo and the Pokemon Company Group, who approached Niantic with the proposal to take Ingress and layer a Pokemon skin on top of it.

The game is generating $1.8 million per day for the two companies, since,while you can play Pokemon Go for free, in-game apps such as lures and incense cost pokecoins, which you have to purchase for real dollars and enough people are willing to do so that Nintendo's stock price has increased 8 to 25%, depending on who you talk to, since the game released last week.