Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spell Cards and Archetype Decks

New Spell Cards from Gale Force 9 coming in November:

We have sold through our recent restock of D&D spell decks, great work everyone!  Because these have gone out the door so fast we have managed to get one last print run scheduled starting this week for delivery in November.  Because of this time constraint, we are under pressure to rapidly assemble an order to accommodate the printer’s busy schedule (the last one that they can work us into before Chinese New Year).  The Bard and Cleric decks blew out much earlier than we anticipated this round.  Please contact your salesrep to place your order and ensure your inventory.  Because we won’t be able to get another print run in before Chinese New Year, this order may have to last you until March of 2016. 

73901                    Bard
73902                    Cleric
73903                    Druid
73904                    Arcane
73905                    Paladin
73906                    Ranger
73907                    Elemental

Part 2:
New D&D Archetype Decks
On the same print run as the Spellbook Decks so we’ll need preorders for these ASAP as well.  These Archetype decks (6 different ones) provide supplementary spell cards that will complete the collections of spells for specialized magic-users.  Whether you are a Cleric of Light of Trickery, or a Druid of the Swamps or Mountains, these decks contain all the spells needed to play your chosen character.  The Martial Powers & Races Deck is a little different.  Combining all of the powers and spell effects from the remaining classes, the Martial Powers & Races pack will complete your collection of spell cards.  This 40 card deck consists of a full set of 16-Fighter Maneuvers, 3-spell-like Barbarian abilities, a set of 8-blank Bard cards for you to fill in with Magical Secrets and a selection of 11-Racial spell powers.

73909                    Cleric Domains                                                                  (43 cards, $6.99)
73910                    Arcane Deck                                                                      (18 cards, $3.49)
73911                    Druid Circles                                                                       (21 cards, $3.49)
73912                    Paladin Oaths                                                                    (24 cards, $3.49)
 73913                   Monk Archetype                                                              (18 cards, $3.49)
73914                    Martial Powers & Races ArchetypeDeck                (40 cards, $6.99)