Monday, June 15, 2015

Privateer Press: The Undercity

Privateer Press just announced its new boardgame The Undercity. Unfortunately, I can't get too excited about it for two main reasons:

1) Track Record.  Unfortunately, their other non-miniature games (Infernal Contraption, High Command, Grind) have proven less than successful. They are quite playable games but have just not caught the boardgaming markets interest. I think they would better spend the money on a national campaign for WarMachine.

2. Price.  $95 is quite a bit for a boardgame. The only three companies that have had success with games at this pricepoint are Games Workshop, with several sets out priced in excess of $100, Fantasy Flight, again with several boardgames near or over $100, and Cool Mini or Not,which uses Kickstarter to regulatory produce and sell Zombicide which also bumps the $100 mark. Cool Mini or Not and Games Workshop both have specific markets they target, while FFG has developed a reputation for high priced, high quality games.

I hope Privateer does well with the game, as I have heard it plays well and you get a lot in it but I, as you might have noticed, have doubts.