Friday, June 26, 2015

Observation #5 on Free RPG Day

1.       The Exception-The SoundSet cards from Syrinscape were an exception I mentioned earlier. From the description on the card, SoundSets are a set of RPG character sounds that a player can download to the “Fantasy Player” they install on their smart device or laptop. When their character does something in the game, they can play the appropriate sound through the player.  Syrinscape is a new company but they sent as many Pathfinder SoundSets as did a larger company like Paizo. However, the cards bearing the SoundSet codes were pretty small, about a quarter larger than a Magic card, meaning that we had to keep explaining what they were, otherwise people were going after the larger booklets. Once we explained them, people though them quite cool, but if we didn’t explain them, they got skipped. A larger card explaining on both sides what the customer was getting would help.