Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Looney Labs Expands Distribution

It won't mean anything to the purchaser but Looney Labs, maker of Fluxx, Just Desserts, Chrononauts and other fine card games, announced this week they are adding another distributor:  GTS Distribution. Up to now, if a store wanted to carry any of the Fluxx games, it had to buy direct from Looney Labs or buy from one of the two distributors that LL allowed to carry its games:  Alliance Distribution or ACD. This meant, in order to stock LL products, a store had to have an account with one of those two distributors. Now, at least, stores have three places to get LL games from.

Why does this matter? Mainly to stores because this gives them more options from which to get LL products. If Alliance or ACD is out of Regular Show Fluxx, the store can check if GTS has it in stock, meaning, hopefully, fewer out of stocks.