Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Setting Up Cardfight Vanguard OP

Next up:  Cardfight Vanguard. We had carried this back in 2013 and signed up for their OP program at the time. However, interest in the game petered out pretty quickly locally and after scheduling a few events that had zero or 1 attendees, we let Organized Play for the game lapse. However, since we have seen a slight (and I mean slight) increase in interest and sales of the game, we decided to pursue Cardfight Vanguard OP again. 

Contacting Bushiroad was easy, much easier than Panani, with an OP contact email easily found on the website. Bushiroad’s OP people also got back to us within 48 hours after the original email. However, set up for hosting events was not quite as easy as with Panini. 

We received back an actual form from Bushiroad which asked for information about  what product we carried, how many people we could seat in a tournament and how many participants we expected for tournaments as well as optional questions such as how many years in business. Bushiroad also wanted photos of the store, including the storefront, tournament space and counter area, the better to make sure we ran a brick and mortar store and were not just an operation looking to score promotional items ( which, from what I understand, are very high quality). We sent the info in, got approved that same day and started receiving emails reminding us to sign up for pre-releases and demo days.