Friday, September 26, 2014

Harley Quinn Annual To Include Scents

The Harley Quinn Annual arriving in October will come polybaged.  Why? Glad you asked. The first printings of the issue will come with scratch and sniff inserts at appropraite points in the story with the scents of leather, suntan lotion, pizza and cannabis. From the email:

The ‘rub and smell’ scents featured in HARLEY QUINN ANNUAL #1 were chosen in an 
effort to capture the world in which Harley lives. This 'scenticular' book was 
created in the spirit of innovation and fun that DC Entertainment brings to our 
fans every day.

There will be two editions of HARLEY QUINN ANNUAL #1 available to retailers, and 
each edition will have a BOMBSHELLS variant. All copies will by poly-bagged.

UPDATE: Retailers, please note that the ‘rub and smell’ feature will only be 
included in the first printings of this title.

The first edition and variant, available for purchase only in the domestic 
United States, includes smells similar to leather, suntan lotion, pizza and 
what’s referred to in the story as “cannabisylocibe 7-A.”