Friday, May 2, 2014

Marvel DiceMasters Starter Shortage

In case you were wondering why we, not to mention every other store in the country, have no starters for the WizKids DiceMasters Avengers vs. X-men game, WizKids explains the shortage here.

While I understand the shortage, it still doesn't help matters for those people wanting to play the game who have no access to the basic cards and dice and rules for that matter, needed in order to play.

WizKids has a track record of problems with shipments in recent years. The last several releases have been bumped back anywhere from 2-4 weeks because of shipping problems, including the new Deadpool boosters and Fast Forces sets, release dates for which have moved to the end of May. One would think, if your supplier keeps delaying the release of your products and does so consistently, you would look for another supplier.