Monday, April 21, 2014

World of Darkness MMOG Cancelled

In case you missed this, CCP pulled the plug on the long in development World of Darkness online game.

CCP purchased White Wolf Game Studio waaay back in 2006 to gain access to the World of Darkness property for development as an MMOG. After that, the focus of White Wolf shifted away from the print RPG towards development of the online game. Production of print supplements for the World of Darkness dwindled to 1-2 a year, then to none. The company did continue to produces PDF supplements for its various RPGs, as those required much less capital to produce than a print version did.

White Wolf appears to have ended production of original material for the World of Darkness world as its website directs visitors to other sites to purchase PDFs of older material and new material produced for the World of Darkness.

From a post on Onyx Path's website, the shutdown will have no effect on the license the company has to produce new material for the WOD. However, Onyx Path's market penetration is a far cry from White Wolf's heyday in the late 90s, when the company challenged TSR/WOTC for domination of the RPG market