Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hastings and WizKids

Given that NECA and Hastings are merging, as announced last month, and, given the extreme shortage of the new Marvel Dicemasters game, especially starters, I got curious as to the in-stock position of Dicemasters products at the Cape Girardeau Hastings so stopped in there this week.

Rather surprisingly, I found no indication that NECA/WizKids had any connection to Hastings at all. Rather than huge displays of Dicemasters, I could find none in the store. Moreso, it took a little hunting to actually find WizKids products in the store. One endcap and a row of about four gravity feed dispensers on a bottom shelf made up most of the WizKids presence and, furthermore, most of those figures were several months old. The store had covered most of the one endcap with gravity feed boosters from last year's Lone Ranger release and had no five figure boosters in stock at all.

In short, while Hastings may become a large retail outlet for WizKids products, that day is still in the future.