Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Backing TableTop

I see the TableTop Kickstarter brought in the $500,000 needed to fund a third season of the series in a little over 2 days, though momentum slowed significantly on the way towards hitting the $750,00 point for 20 episodes and $1 million for the RPG series. Still, with another 25+ days left in the campaign, it should reach both, especially if Geek & Sundry adds additional perks to the campaign. I would have liked to see some form of retailer perk added, wherein a supporting store gets listed on the TableTop website. 

If $60 gets “your name in lights” on the TableTop set, $75 ought to get you listed as a supporting store on the website.  I backed the campaign at a somewhat higher level, since I have asked for DVDs of the series for quite some time and see they are offered as perks at $100.