Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HeroClix Release Date Moved--Sigh

In mildly annoying news, and once again indicating communications problems between somebody and retailers, the release date for the Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set for Heroclix got pushed back from February 12th to February 26th.  I did not learn this until I called my Alliance sales rep to see about adding some items to the shipment and found the date had changed.  A date shift like this should have gone out to every Alliance account ahead of time, especially since some of us do take pre-orders and run special events tied to new WizKids releases, even though the company doesn’t support them., meaning we had three days’ notice to contact players letting them know we had to push the booster tournament back two weeks.  A lot of contacting of people in a short period of time.

This is the 2nd time WizKids has missed a street date in the past 6 month.  It's not so bad with boardgames or RPGs, because players don't as avidly await those as they do collectible games.  Imagine the hue and cry if Konami, or even worse, WOTC misses a release date.